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About Us

"Do you love Me?... Feed my sheep" - Jesus Christ

We are a team of people dedicated to seeking the interest of the Kingdom

I have been spending my time on earth in pursuit of God's purpose for my life which is to get people to know God through Jesus Christ and support them to fulfill His purpose for their lives for His glory and the well-being of humanity.

I have by God's grace - in the pursuit of this purpose - being preaching the Gospel and mobilizing others to do the same, mentoring and coaching, and establishing platforms such as Ona Records to unleash God's potentials in His people for His glory.

Then in the year 2020, God directed me to establish a platform that will mobilize resources to support missionaries to carry out His work of preaching Jesus, especially in the hard-to-reach areas.

It is in the obedience of this that Jesus' Mission Fund has been established under the laws of Ghana to mobilize every necessary resource  - from the people that God will inspire to give - into a pool that missionaries can leverage to advance the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

The commandment to get the Gospel to all the world requires all believers to come on board - if for any reason you are unable to avail yourself to be on the field, you sure can support others to go.  Give to support.


If the Lord has blessed you with the ability to support His work, do not hold back, let's work together to spread the gospel before the time runs out.

God bless you

Richard Densu, Founder


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